Body Acceptance Yoga-6 Week Series

Body Acceptance Yoga
6 Week Series-$60

This 6 week series is designed for anyone who just simply wants to feel more comfortable in their own skin. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with the idea that if we “achieve this”, or “look like that” we will become happy and fulfilled. Let's explore the possibility that you already have all you will ever need to live an authentic and content life. Even if you can't touch your toes, carry an extra 30 pounds, your house is a little messy and, like me, you sometimes prefer cookies over carrots.

Yoga isn't about perfection. It's about meeting yourself where you're at, flaws and all, and still showing up. Let's explore these ideas with humor, compassion and a little bit of sweat.

Throughout the 6 weeks we will discuss during classes..

Body Acceptance-A tool to move forward, not an excuse to stay stuck
Weight and Self Esteem
Adapting the physical postures of yoga to your body, and not the other way around

Bring your bodies, just as they are.
All are welcome!


WHERE: The Studio is located just above City o' City on the SE Corner of 13th & Sherman. Entrance is around the corner off of Sherman. The studio name is "Amala Yoga"
You'll need to be buzzed up at the exterior door (instructions are on the door)
There is free parking kitty corner to the studio on the NW corner. It's a large parking lot that's free after 5:00pm

WHEN: Every Thursday starting July 14th-Aug 18th 7:15pm-8:30pm

TO REGISTER: Contact Katy @
or go HERE
and pay through paypal under this workshop :)

Only 20 spaces available. Hurry and register today to guarantee your spot

See you there! I'm so excited.


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